Few dishes rival carbonara in terms of effort to taste ratio. I made it for Liz last night in a New York minute and, boy, did she gulp it down like a trucker. The recipe could NOT be simpler (this is for one box of spaghetti around 16oz): cut up about 10 oz of bacon (or pancetta) and fry it up nice and crispy, meanwhile beat 4 eggs in a bowl and mix in a cup of parmesan. Cook spaghetti, lightly drain (keep the spaghetti nice and wet), return spaghetti to hot pot and immediately dump in egg mixture and bacon with all the grease and mix it on up. I threw some chopped parsley on top as well because I was feeling sassy. The only difficulty you’ll have with the carbonara is making sure it doesn’t dry out from pot to plate. Reserving enough water in the pasta will usually solve this problem, but adding some oil doesn’t hurt either. If you’re squeamish about mixing raw eggs into your pasta, I suggest the following: take stock of all the unhealthy things you do in your life and weigh them against the chance of getting sick from a raw egg (1 in 20,000). If the math doesn’t do it for you, then take comfort in knowing that the heat of the pasta will cook the egg sufficiently to avoid any problems. This dish will not take home any awards from the American Health Association, but your heart will surely swell from seeing your loved one’s yolky smile at the end of the meal.