I’ve sung Gran Gusto’s praises before. It’s our go to place any time we’re in the mood for great pizza.  But this particular occasion merits its own mention because of the incredible quality of the meal from top to bottom. From the grilled squid, to the speck and stracciatella, to the pizza, and the dessert, this may have been the best Italian meal I’ve had in the Boston area. Nothing fancy, just fresh, perfectly cooked and delicious.

grilled octopus

A lot of restaurants get too creative with grilled octopus. There’s nothing better than a nice char, lemon and parsley.

stracciatella and speck

On this particular night the kitchen had several specials revolving around what is now my favorite cheese: stracciatella. It’s the cheese that is used to stuff Burrata – a mixture of mozzarella and cream that will blow your mind. It was served with speck, dressed with a little black pepper, oregano and olive oil, and set over some bitter greens. We inhaled it and quickly ordered another.

rigatoni, stracciatella, tomato, chanterelles

Here the stracciatella was laid over rigatoni in a sauce of cherry tomatoes and chanterelles. Unbelievably good.


Followed it up with the best pizza around.

ricotta pie

And then topped it off with a nice piece of ricotta pie.

Though the pasta dishes are hit or miss at Gran Gusto, when they get it right, they knock it out of the park. It’s the closest thing we have to the kind of trattoria you might find anywhere across Italy. The service used to be spotty but it seems as if they’ve weeded out the problems as the restaurant has picked up business. Go there.

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