Everyone sets arbitrary goals for their life.  Some people want to visit all 50 states, others want to read the entire Babysitter’s Club series, while others aim to finish a 5K without crawling at the end.  For Carlo and me, we want to eat all of the world’s best restaurants.  And lucky for us, there are a lot of publications that try to establish which ones they are.  A couple years ago, we plucked one arbitrarily off the internet and we’ve been slowly but steadily picking off the restaurants.  A couple weeks ago, Restaurant Magazine, our ranker of choice, issued its 8th annual list of the world’s 50 best restaurants.    We pay little attention to how this list is compiled, and admittedly, many of these restaurants are on the list on account of their fanciness as much as on account of the quality of their food.  But whatever, it’s fun to have a goal and we’ve rarely had a bad meal when eating off this list.  Unsurprisingly, picking a list is the easier part of achieving this goal.  If you peruse this year’s collection, you’ll be shocked to notice that not all of the restaurants are in the greater Boston area.  This means that we have to plan and travel and reserve embarrassingly far in advance.  And since both of us work, this can be a tricky proposition.  Another impediment is that the list keeps changing without warning.  So I had Gordan Ramsey checked off (May 2004) and this year they took it off the list!  Carlo and I just this week made reservations at Chez Panisse, and they bumped it to the 51-100 list.  And most problematically, we don’t live in Spain, where most of these places are located.  So as in reaching any goal, there are a lot of struggles along the way, but the important thing is that we’re making progress.