I had a “business” lunch at Kingston Station the other day, and though it was brief, I thought I’d write up a few impressions.  Overall, it’s a good place for a mid-week lunch with colleagues.  The atmosphere is casual and comfortable.  We sat at a long wooden table that my more familiar co-worker said only comes out for lunch.  I liked the table, though I might have liked it less if we had been forced to share it with others.  The service is extremely friendly though a little spacey.  And the food is pretty good to good.  I had a Nicoise Salad with seared tuna.  Though a little mushy, the tuna was good, neither the watery canned tuna nor the cooked til it’s gray tuna that one often finds on pub salads.    I wish the salad had more mixed greens; it was mostly frisee.  Other than that, I give it solid marks.  I would have preferred to order a burger and fries or fish and chips like my co-workers, but I had already spent my weekly quota of red meat and fried food.   The fried fish looked beautiful and I tried some fries, which were tasty, particularly when compared to my frisee.  The only significant disappointment was that I did not get a chance to order dessert.  It’s not that often that I am lucky enough to be offered both bread pudding and a banana split, but alas, we were not there to linger.  I will happily go back to Kingston Station to get a banana split, and next time I’ll order a burger.

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