I speed down the side streets of Dorchester, my friend Scott in the passenger seat, looking for anything that might resemble a bbq truck. A food truck for workers brings me to a screeching halt, but we drive on disappointed. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I see it. On the other side of a chain link fence a large letter M amidst the abandoned semi’s. M&M BBQ. Or Big Moe’s BBQ, to some. Hidden in a dirt lot is what is hyped up to be one of the better BBQ spots in the Greater Boston Area. We pull up on the curb outside the lot and head over to the tent from which emanates the most intoxicating smell of charred meat, frying oil, and spicy sauce. The menu isn’t large, but includes all bbq regulars (ribs, chicken, brisket, etc..) with a few interesting additions (pig’s feet, ox-tail; pig’s feet available on fridays and saturdays, ox-tail depends on the market). Scott and I both went with the $10 combo plate of ribs, chicken, and a choice of two sides. I opted for the potato salad and spicy rice and beans, Scott for the mac and cheese and collard greens. The woman who served us, who I believe is Little Moe, Big Moe’s daughter, was very sweet and happy to see us salivating over the metal trays she was filling with meat. Our only option was taking the food to go. Moe’s doesn’t have indoor seating, and it didn’t have any outdoor seating today either, though it was raining out and I hear there is occasionally a picnic table or two lying around the lot.

The food was damn good. Ribs nice and tender, chicken had been deep-deep fried, and both smothered in a flavorful bbq sauce with a kick that crept up on you at the end. Best wings I’ve had. They somehow maintained their crispiness even while under a lagoon of sauce. There were a few hairs still on them, but at least they weren’t Little Moe’s. And if you’re squeamish about that then maybe you shouldn’t be getting your bbq from a truck in a dirt lot. Scott’s sides were forgettable and mine were solid, but honestly, that didn’t matter. I don’t go to a bbq truck for the veggies, and neither should you. I go for the kind of food fit to put me in a coma on my couch. And that it did. So here I sit, belly swollen from the best bbq I’ve had in a good long while. The truck has been known to move around from time to time, so do a little research before heading over, but it’s definitely worth the hunt.

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