This may be lame, but I’m going to write a post on bran muffins, specifically sour cream bran muffins. Though Carlo is the family chef, I am a decent baker and dessert-maker. I recently decided that I wanted some bran muffins, and went in search of a good recipe on To me, bran muffins should be made as unhealthy as possible by adding copious amounts of butter to turn them into bran cake. When I saw the recipe for Sour Cream Bran Muffins, I was intrigued. So I went out and bought some sour cream and molasses and miller’s bran (at Whole Foods) and set to work. Half hour later I had warm delicious bran muffins. The deliciousness was a result of both the recipe and the fact that I coated the muffin tin with a thick layer of butter. I don’t even like raisins, but somehow they seemed good here. And as an added bonus, these muffins freeze really well so I was able to put them away and take one out for breakfast everyday for a week, to really capitalize on that get-up-and-go quality that butter drenched muffins bring to the table.